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Hi there!

My name is Karine and I am the founder of Petit Crayon Studio, an illustration and retail brand based in Hong Kong. I am from French Canadian origins and been living in Hong Kong for 3 years.  


My work typically incorporates watercolor, delicate details and vibrant colors.   I get directly inspired from my love of Hong Kong, the people I meet, as well as the wonderful moments I spend on a daily basis in this vibrant city.

Last summer, I had the chance to be featured on the Oriental Daily news website and newspaper.  Check their full article and video here:  ON.CC



All images printed on my products start on paper: sketched, painted and sometimes hand-lettered (I am still challenged on that point!).  Most of the time, I would only use watercolors, but adding details with Sharpies, gold and silver watercolor can change drastically an art piece, so I do incorporate different medias once in a while.  


What makes my art so unique are the imperfections!   If you observe well my products, you can see different un-erased line strokes, mistakes and details which makes my art imperfect yet so unique.  


Once the paper version is complete, I scan it and edit it so that colors can be adjusted and minor imperfections fixed.


I partner with a variety of manufacturers from Canada, UK, Hong Kong and China that transform my watercolors into best-selling products.  I care about product quality, the environment, fair wages and working conditions for laborers, so I make every effort to source as many products nearby and I pick my manufacturers carefully. 


You can find my products in my online store and in all Bookazine stores in Hong Kong.


 Petit Crayon Studio Hong Kong Themed Gift Store

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